HUBCAP of Wallingford is a hybrid-business incubator providing a unique opportunity for collaboration between Schools and Business to increase College and Career readiness while expanding downtown Wallingford business.

Along with the educational component, HUBCAP’s Center offers Incubator suites, state of the art Conference Rooms and a Center for Business and Community Meetings.

Why Hubcap?

Our name is a combination of two things:

1. “HUB” represents we are in the Hub of Wallingford
2. “CAP” represents the CAPSTONE projects the Wallingford High schools complete by their Senior year.

Thus, the Name “HUBCAP”.



Connecticut’s “Capstone Project” a state initiative that will increase graduation requirements beginning with the class of 2018. In addition to increasing the number of credits for graduation from 20-25, every graduating student must complete a project that combines study and real-world experience.

The “Capstone Experience” is a culminating activity that provides a way for students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired during their secondary school years of education. It engages students in a project /experience that focuses on an interest, career path and academic pursuit that synthesizes classroom study and the real-world perspective.

It has been designed to prepare high school students for a lifelong learning and effective and productive citizenship. Successful completion of a “Capstone Experience” will earn the student additional credit toward High School Graduation.