HUBCAP Wallingford is a hybrid-business incubator providing a unique opportunity for collaboration between schools and businesses to increase college and career readiness.
Our committees consist of business/industry representatives, education / community leaders, and parents. They meet to follow-up on issues identified that will add to HUBCAP’s continued growth.


Community Service or Networking Opportunity!

Education Committee


A collaborative effort between Wallingford’s School District, Economic Development Commission, Non-Profits, and Businesses to identify and develop educational programs to enhance our community. Such as Credit for lift which is its signature program.

Small Business Committee  


HUBCAP Wallingford’s Small Business Center has created a one-stop shop of resources and informational workshops to help business owners at varies business stages and to introduce and promote HUBCAP’s Unique Facility.

Social Media Committee


This committee will oversee the primary social media outlets (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook). By scheduling (daily, weekly, or monthly) and posting social media content to the appropriate social media outlets to showcase HUBCAP activities.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees our would like additional information, please send me your contact info to